With COVID-19 vaccines being approved, I know you are deciding whether to get vaccinated. The aim of this post is to clear up vaccine misconceptions, so you can be better informed in making the decision to take the COVID-19 vaccine shot.

First, let’s clear up a few things. Do you remember your immunization or vaccination record? All the vaccines in this record went through the same development process as the COVID-19 vaccines. One difference is that, the development of COVID-19 vaccines are accelerated, but safety and efficacy are still maintained. This is also the first time the vaccine development cycle…


I have been working on this post when the Coronavirus pandemic hit. I have made many iterations to keep up with the rapidly changing pandemic job market.

These tips are from my own job search experiences and from my observations of how COVID-19 has affected the job market. These tips are very useful for new college grads, newly-minted PhDs and post-docs looking to enter the job market, as well as recently laid off professionals and seasoned workers looking to switch careers.

Be read to adapt you search strategy: This pandemic has changed the job market drastically. Be it the types…
  • Keep your resume up to date. With the current uncertainty in the job market, you may suddenly need to search for a job. Having your resume updated with your latest accomplishments and skills will get you prepared. Also, update your LinkedIn profile.
  • Reach out to your network. Check on your network. Call, text or email. Your message will be a source of support in these unprecedented times.
  • Pick up a new skill or hobby. With all the extra time you have staying home, now is the best time to pick up a skill or hobby. …

At the dawn of the 2010 decade, I was still deciding on whether to pursue a PhD. Looking back into the decade, I earned a PhD and many other achievements. Here are the success habits I picked up during the 2010 decade, that helped me grow my career.

I built and expanded my network

Early on, I knew I had to network to get by and ahead. My network have opened up many doors for me. I have a “mentor board” who provide me with career advice and guidance. I have written about how I built and expanded my network.

I read broadly

I became an avid reader during…

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After graduate school, all the job offers I received were initiated either on LinkedIn, at a career event or during a conference. All these places have one thing in common: they are great platforms to build and maintain a network. The power of networking cannot be overemphasized. Before graduate school, I did not have individuals with a STEM background in my network. So, I had to network to get by and ahead. I have personally benefited from the power of networking. A network can advance both your personal and career growth, by being a source of job offers, career advice…


Looking back to my graduate school journey, one of the most important decisions I made was choosing an advisor. I did not have family members or people in my immediate circle to turn to for help. But with the resources at my disposal, I went about selecting an advisor meticulously and systematically. Here are tips from my own personal experience.

Identify potential advisors early on and get in touch

I started to look for potential advisors the moment I began applying to specific graduate schools. Check the university’s websites to find information about potential advisors. You can also find information on departmental or lab websites. Some professors maintain a…

An inspiring and informative trip to the University of Connecticut, late into my senior year of undergraduate, made me realize I wanted to become a scientist. To achieve this goal, I decided to go to graduate school to pursue a PhD. Deciding was fairly easy compared to the graduate school application process, which was very tedious, nerve-wracking and laborious. Achieving success in your application will require efficient planning and being thorough.

The first time I applied, most of my applications were rejected. The graduate schools that I got accepted into, did not offer any financial aid. For my second try…

Here are tips that were helpful to me in passing my PhD written exams.

Image Credit: My Performance Learning

Know the Exams Format: It is very important to know the format of the written exams. Which topics are you going to be tested on? Is it open or closed book? How long is it going to take? What types of questions? Short answers or essays? For me, I had an open book exam from each of my 5 committee members. I had a day to complete each exam. The types of questions varied, some were open ended with no right or wrong answers, some were…

Ousman Mahmud

I’m an Interdisciplinary Scientist that leverages my versatile skills to build new solutions to challenges facing our world today.

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